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The fluffy french bulldog.

fluffy french bulldog

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The fluffy french bulldog.

How about we go hello everybody if this turns out to be your first time seeing a fluffy french bulldog? You are not envisioning this you’re not watching star wars or beasts these terrible young men really exist and they are amazing. There was some discussion on the thoroughbred idea of the long-haired or fluffy Frenchie for a really long time yet late progressions in hereditary testing have had the option to confirm that no tomfoolery occurred and you are indeed taking a gander at a 100% local french bulldog.

The fluffy french bulldog has an uncommon
The fluffy french bulldog has an uncommon

The fluffy french bulldog has an uncommon latent quality that when a combined spot on. Will bring about a long-haired french bulldog since it’s a latent quality they will require precisely two duplicates one for mum and one from father to create posterity with long hair.

The chances are commonly against this kind of propagation happening. Anyway with late headways in DNA testing innovation. Reproducers can observe long hair conveying Frenchies and pair them together to make these fluffy wonders of nature.

You can have the two guardians with short hair joined to deliver a long-haired Frenchie. Be that as it may until DNA testing went along it was almost difficult to do.

Fluffy french bulldogs can happen in a wide range of various shadings making unlimited mixes of long-haired french bulldogs.

Some are so uncommon they likely haven’t been seen at this point. Fluffy Frenchies can be enrolled with the AKC and other pet hotel clubs as a thoroughbred.

Be that as it may, may not be qualified for dog shows, and in light of the fact that they exist. That doesn’t mean there aren’t deceitful individuals distorting a crossbred dog.

More than a pretty face.
More than a pretty face.

More than a pretty face.

Yes, the Frenchie is adorable and they know it. french bulldogs are affectionate and are people dogs. And They love their people and most want to be on you or near you as much as possible.

They aren’t typically loud dogs but they are very alert and will look around, run to the door and alert you of something that isn’t right. They don’t require a ton of outdoor exercise but are happy to take a quick walk or run in the yard. I’ve heard of some that like long walks and hiking.

Mine, not so much! Personally, mine all get along well minus an occasional scuffle, usually because someone tried taking someone else’s toy.

Do your research on that before going that route.

Bulldogs in general are more prone to obesity so do your research! We avoid chicken due to allergies but this will be a personal decision for you.

Some Frenchies shed quite a bit, others not as much. Luck of the draw here combined with diet. I’d recommend puppy classes if you aren’t an experienced owner.

They can be quite stubborn and will act as though they cannot hear you at all. This might be one of the funniest parts of owning a Frenchie.

Every command is met with a blank stare! I strongly recommend finding a breeder that health tests their Frenchies. Frenchies are prone to hip issues and can easily injure themselves if they get too rambunctious or insist on jumping on and off the couch. 

French Bulldog diet
French Bulldog diet

long hair reference in the fluffy french bulldog

It is a strange gene, very rarely found in purebred French bulldogs, but it is not impossible! Long hair on the French bulldog is a reality.

And when it happens, it leaves no one indifferent; This is the case of Dougie, who has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram eager to see his furry adventures every day.

Here you can see him in action. It is so adorable and fluffy!

What does the long hair products in the fluffy french bulldog ?

Bulldogs like Dougie have a gene that causes their hair to grow longer than normal. In fact, not only are long-haired cases found in the French bulldog, this gene can be present in other breeds as well.

The presence of this quality can be dictated by DNA examination. If both parent dogs carry it, their children will inherit it for sure, while if only one of the two is affected, the puppies will only have a 50% chance of having this gene.


This characteristic of long hair in the French bulldog does not pose any danger to them! It is just one more possibility, just as your hair color can vary. You shouldn’t reject an animal just because it’s out of the ordinary, a long-haired Frenchie will be just as wonderful as any other. In fact, we find it adorable. Look,

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